Prevent social media risks.

SomeBuddyPRO helps work teams and organizations by adding safety into social media and online interactions.

To be protected by SomeBuddy is to:

prevent possible risks of social media and online environments by trainings and community-wide guidelines. 85% of interaction and communication happens online.Read more
protect your people in emergency cases with SomeBuddy 24/7 harassment reporting app and receive case diagnosis and professional help from our SomeBuddy Safety Unit.Read more
impact your organization's capability to operate efficiently and actively in online environments and social media - let your people shine and prosper!Read more

Most common problems for work organizations

Main impacts of SomeBuddyPRO service

What is SomeBuddyPRO protection in practice?

SomeBuddy prevention package

risk assessment, trainings, guidelines and consultancy based on need

Risk level evaluation and consultation can be done by SomeBuddy professionals to analyze the weak points. We help you also to update your guidelines and instructions and consult you with the best risk management practices and strategies for social media.

SomeBuddy 24/7

harassment reporting app

Our intelligent AI powered web app is open 24/7 at your community members’ use whenever they have any issues with their online safety. This will guarantee immediate and accurate help in all online emergencies.

SomeBuddy Safety Unit

case diagnosis and professional help

When you report harassment, our team of top professional lawyers, psychologists and social psychologists guarantees the best advice and help.

SomeBuddy Impact

dashboard and data for decision making

Organisations protected by SomeBuddy receive specific statistical data and reports needed for good decision making. No need for guessing when you have the right data at your use.

Unexpected incidents: 59% of social media users have been cyberbullied or harassed online. In many cases the employer is involved whether anticipated or not.

She is in the middle of divorce and her ex-husband-to-be is spreading nasty lies about her on Facebook. Countless people have seen those online. One of the posts also mentions Lucy’s employer in a very negative light.

Lucy, 46

How to start using SomeBuddyPRO in your community?

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    Book an intro or give our contact details to your organization's decision maker.

  2. 2.

    Choose between ready-made packages or tailored services specifically for your needs.

  3. 3.

    Recieve your own onboarding specialist.

  4. 4.

    Your community is protected by SomeBuddy.

Reality TV
Banijay shows are airing on Finnish TV, including "Single Town"

Banijay and SomeBuddy piloting how to protect reality TV productions

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