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SomeBuddy is a service developed by experts. Through SomeBuddy you can anonymously get help for unpleasant situations on social media, games, or other online platforms.

SomeBuddy provides effective methods for solving difficult social media situations:

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    Youngsters and professionals can anonymously report harassment, bullying or threats they encounter on social media, games, or other online platforms 24/7.

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    Our users always get expert help. SomeBuddy's team consists of lawyers, psychologists and social psychologists, who are specialized in social media.

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    3. A person reporting to us quickly receives concrete help and an action plan for their specific situation.

School bullying no longer happens only in school

Up to 50% of Finnish young people have been bullied on social media. Only one in four young people tell an adult they trust about being harassed or bullied online.

MLL, "Nuoret ja nettikiusaaminen" survey report 2021 Microsoft YouGov survey in February 2019 & OAJ member survey in April 2019,

Sexual harassment is an everyday occurrence for children

More than half of children have been contacted online by someone they knew or suspected to be an adult or at least five years older. 17% of children have received sexual messages on a weekly basis.

Pelastakaa Lapset ry: "Grooming lasten silmin -selvitys lasten ja nuorten kokemasta groomingista netissä"

What does the service include?


  • Children and young people can anonymously and with a low threshold report unpleasant situations they encounter on social media, games, or other online platforms in an easy-to-use app.

  • In the app, the pupil receives an assessment from SomeBuddy's experts and advice to solve the situation. SomeBuddy's aid includes a legal assessment, recommended action plan, advice on how to protect yourself online and psychosocial first aid.

  • Our service for schools also includes lesson materials for pupils and other preventive learning materials. The materials give unpleasant social media situations concrete names and instructions on how to deal with them.


  • Professionals working with children, such as teachers, principals and school social workers, have access to their own version of the web app created for professionals.

  • Through this interface they can ask for help on the behalf of a pupil, together with them, or report on their own work-related situations and get confidential help to online harassment and bullying.

  • When employees begin using our service, they are given an introductory training on the topic and the service.


  • Leaders, such as the municipality's department of education, receive general level statistics and an overview of online harassment and bullying in their community.

  • When every child, youngster, and employee within the community are aware that cyberbullying is tackled promptly, the threshold for offending others rises.

  • Readiness to support pupils with online conflict strengthens and their trust towards adults rises.

59% of social media users have experienced online harassment.
50% of Finnish young people have been bullied on social media.

A classmate of mine secretly took a really unflattering video of me at school. I looked really ugly in the video. The classmate shared the video to my whole class on Snapchat without my permission. Now I'm being bullied at school.

SomeBuddy helped a boy who was secretly filmed on Snapchat.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

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Espoo schoolchildren given access to service to avoid online bullying and harassment