SomeBuddy helps people and organizations by adding safety into social media and online interaction.

To be protected by SomeBuddy is to:

preventpossible risks of social media and online environments by trainings and community-wide guidelines.

protectyour people in emergency cases with SomeBuddy 24/7 harassment reporting app and receive case diagnosis and professional help from our SomeBuddy Safety Unit.

impactyour organization's capability to operate efficiently and actively in online environments and social media - let your people shine and prosper!

Risks you should be aware of:

SomeBuddy positively impacts your community:

Protecting your community with SomeBuddy allows everyone to shine and prosper

regardless of if you are active online, belong to a minority, have alternative views, are a decision maker or if you just happened to be in a wrong place at a wrong time

Workand professional organizations

SomeBuddy has a set of effective tools to protect your workplace from social media catastrophes and online harassment. Our professional team backs up your community ethically, quickly, and discretely. With help of our technology we are available for all size organizations.

Schoolsand learning communities

Social media, various game platforms and communications apps present problems in the everyday lives of school communities. We are already protecting several school communities and tens of thousands of children with our innovative SomeBuddy solution. Join the network of social media safe municipalities!

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Personaland individual users

We know that social media influencers, politicians, entrepreneurs and other individuals working in social media are at high risk of encountering online harassment. When you need protection our SomeBuddy Safety Unit provides you with needed legal and psychological first-aid. Don't be let alone, get protected by SomeBuddy.

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What is SomeBuddy protection actually?


SomeBuddy Prevention Package

risk assessment, trainings and guidelines

For all organisations we are able to provide up-to-date safety instructions, expert training and community-wide guidelines.


SomeBuddy 24/7

harassment reporting app

Our intelligent AI powered web app is open 24/7 at your use whenever there are any issues with your online safety. This will guarantee you immediate and accurate help in all online emergencies.


SomeBuddy Safety Unit

case diagnosis and professional help

Our team of top professional lawyers and psychologists will guarantee you the best advice and help.


SomeBuddy Impact

dashboard and data for decision making

Organisations protected by SomeBuddy receive specific statistical data and reports needed for good decision making.

The Finnish City of Vantaa joins the top municipalities for online safety

Social media, the internet and various game platforms are an integral part of the lives of children and young people. With the help of SomeBuddy’s innovative service, the City of Vantaa ensures the safety of schoolchildren also in the world of social media, which is often invisible to us adults. In addition to the schoolchildren getting help for their social media problems, we city decision-makers receive an important overview of bullying, harassment and crime against children. The cooperation with SomeBuddy’s professionals has always worked smoothly. It is easy to think with them about different means and ways to work together on how best to protect children and young people in our city.

Johanna Honkanen

District manager at Vantaa Basic Education, Finland

schoolchildren and professionals protected

Our mission

Our job is to improve work communities competitiveness by enhancing digital wellbeing and feeling of safety in social media environment. Possibility to communicate openly helps professionals to interact better with each other, publish their ideas safely and thus work more efficiently. A well-trained team with updated communication skills and guidelines can face all potential challenges and risks with confidence and safe feeling.

Our mission is to make worklife better, safer and more creative for all organizations and individuals.
4 years
of helping schools and organizations
57% of cases are crimes
detected by our experts
2000+ cases
solved for our users

Our expertise and story

Since 2017 SomeBuddy has been successfully helping schools and work organizations to meet online and offline communication safety risks and dealing with harassment cases. Our team of lawyers, psychologists, social psychologists, AI experts and researchers have been in the forefront of online harassment solving and how to bring better and sustainable solutions close to individuals.

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7-75 yrs old users
are using our services
100.000 persons protected
by our solutions
41% of adults
experiencing online harassment

AI catalyzes the help of our professionals at SomeBuddy Safety Unit

Our AI powered human-in-the-loop service is unique and makes our help efficient, safe and easy to access. Both the AI technology behind and our expert team at the forefront create together the best solution available on the markets. Our long experience, team of top professionals and many successfully onboarded communities guarantee, that all our customers are in good hands.

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