SomeBuddy positively impacts your community:

Health and well-being

As we all know, wellbeing increases productivity and competitiveness significantly. According to the cases we have solved, absence from school, work and hobbies are the most common reactions to online harassment. In severe cases multiple forms of self-harm and a wide range of depression symptoms are present in the help seekers everyday life. This is why our SomeBuddy Safety Unit includes psychologists and social psychologists who will take into account the emotionally stressful aspects of online harassment and provide psychological recommendations on what to do when the situation is perceived as distressing or frightening.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

From the community’s perspective it is important to be able to identify potential risks and resolve the situations before they escalate. SomeBuddy makes it easy to ask for help anonymously and receive diagnosis and professional help on your matter. By providing an actual possibility to have your own voice and story heard, we can strengthen the feeling of justice and safety not only for individuals but for the entire community. 57% of reported cases to SomeBuddy have been diagnosed as crime.

Equality and non-discrimination

It should be a self-evident goal to treat people equally and fight against all kind of discrimination. For employers and public entities, it is also a legal obligation. With SomeBuddy you can make sure that your community supports diversity and inclusion by enabling people to handle conflicts and offer them the professional support they need.